Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10 REASONS NOT TO GO TO ZUMBA GOLD: I have heard them all and used many of them myself!


     Zumba Gold class, for those of us who are 55 years old and over, or beginners, is a low impact, gentle dance fitness program designed to be fun! It is also designed to be easy on our more "worn-out" skeletons, muscles, and tendons. Let's just be honest about it, we ache more now than when we were 30 years old!
     We Zumba Gold participants come up with our own unique set of excuses not to go to class. I've used many of these excuses myself when I just don't feel like getting going. So, when I find myself using one of these excuses, I try to laugh at myself for being predictable (and lazy). Then I put on my Zumba shoes and make myself go to class. I'm always glad I did, and I always feel healthier and happier afterward. How can exercise be that much fun?!?!
     So, here is a Zumba Gold Excuse List to draw from (and add to). I hope you find some humor in it, as I try to. With each excuse,( I can't help myself) I have added a method that will allow participation in class for most of us "Old Gold" folks:
     1. I can't get to a Zumba class that early! : This is the excuse that I use most often, as I am "not a morning person". I found that if I put it on my schedule and set my alarm 2 hours ahead I have time to get my slow bones moving.
     2. I have a bone spur, Plantar's Wart, Gout... on my foot! : This is one my husband has tried several times. I just say ok and tell him that he can do "Chair Zumba". Sitting in a chair, moving your upper body to the music, is fun and easy on the feet. Watch out, though! You may find yourself standing up, moving your hips, too!
George & Steve at the YMCA
     3. I'm too old to go to Zumba Gold Class! Meet George, in his mid-80's at the YMCA Zumba Gold class, and see how healthy and happy he is. He will tell you that going to Zumba twice a week helps him stay young!
     4. The music is too fast...I can't move that fast! Sometimes I feel that way, so I just modify my steps to half-speed. I basically take half as many steps as the Instructor, stepping to every other beat of the music. Modify your steps so you are comfortable and just keep moving!
     5. I have Osteoarthritis, a bad back, sore knees...I can't twist, jump, bend... : Modify your moves to fit your body. If it hurts, don't do it! Keep moving in a way that feels good for your body. Your body will benefit!
Jon, Armondo & Me after Zumba
     6. Men don't go to Zumba Gold! : Jon tried to use this excuse many times until he found out that men DO Zumba, have fun doing it, and work up a good sweat doing it!
     7. I don't have time to go to Zumba Gold class! Life is so busy with meetings, appointments, jobs, parties, trips.... I found I had to put it on my schedule like any other appointment and work the rest of my busy life around Zumba Gold class. I am always glad that I did!
     8. I have vertigo, dizziness, am unsteady on my feet, and don't want to fall! This is a real concern for many older people. I recommend trying sitting in a chair while moving your arms to the music (Chair Zumba) or stand behind the chair, leaning on the back of it for support, moving your feet to the music. My friend, Sig has found that Zumba Gold helps his vertigo! Again, caution to listen to your body and only move in a way and in a rhythm that is comfortable for you!
     9. I don't want people to see me...I'll look silly! Don't worry. The rest of the people in class are so busy watching the Zumba Instructor in order to follow his or her steps that we don't have time to watch other people in the room! Besides, it doesn't matter. What matters is to keep moving in a way that feels good, and have fun!
Zumba Gold in Ashland, OR
     10. I don't know how to dance! You don't have to know how to dance! When you first begin Zumba Gold, just move your feet a little, while watching the Instructor. Soon, you will find that your feet are moving to the beat and your hands will begin moving a little, too. It doesn't matter if you don't move the same way the Instructor does. What is important is to move, and to have fun
     I hope you put Zumba Gold class on your calendar for this week and feel the fun! If you don't have a Zumba Gold class in your area, try regular Zumba and modify your steps to fit your body.  I love Zumba Gold so much that I now attend classes three times per week, and feel healthier and happier!
        Sumara, Zumba Instructor in Ashland Oregon, teaches Zumba Gold on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Ashland YMCA at 10:45 A.M. and on Fridays at Mountain Meadows Community (Rogue Room) at 8:30 A.M. "Ditch the Workout and Join the Party!"