Sunday, August 3, 2014




     I must confess, it all started with my love of food! I love to eat! I love all of the delicious Mexican food....starting with Guacamole and Totopos (fried corn tortilla chips), served with a cold Margarita on the rocks made from fresh squeezed limes! Ahhh! That's just the appetizer!
     Then, there are endless choices of savory Mexican dishes to sample for the main course.... Carnitas tacos, Chicken in Mole Sauce, Bacon-wrapped, cheese stuffed Prawns, Carne Asada, and on and on. None of these are low calorie, low-fat, or low in carbohydrates, naturally. That's why they taste so good, I'm sure. So I gain a few pounds every time we go to Mexico from eating too much of these delicious Mexican foods. I just can't resist!
     Next, there are the many yummy desserts. Flan is our favorite,
and we are on a constant search for the best flan in Mexico. We are still trying to decide if the smooth, custard type of flan or the more cake-like, baked flan is our favorite. We have to eat a lot of flan at many restaurants before we decide what our favorite one is. We have narrowed it down to a few favorite restaurants with the best flan, and named these restaurants in my upcoming book " Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico".  Flan is one of our weaknesses, as well as the cream-cheese iced carrot cake sold on the street corner in Sayulita most evenings. So I gain a few more pounds from desserts that I can't resist.

      The pastries are amazing in Mexico, and luckily, I can usually pass these by. So, I am able to limit my weight gain somewhat, by only looking into the window of the bakeries, taking a whiff of the fresh bread that's baking, and keep on walking by. Panama Bakeries, a Mexican chain, makes it very difficult to walk past their windows without ducking inside for a closer look at those gorgeous cakes and pastries. Once inside, I can't resist a pastry or two for breakfast the next day.
     So, I love the food in Mexico, and the result is weight gain, every time we travel to Mexico. It doesn't seem to matter how long we stay
in Mexico, whether we go for a one week Mexican Rivera cruise, a two week stay in a Mazatlan condo, or a 3 month RV trip down the Pacific coast of the mainland. I have always gained 10 pounds each trip to Mexico, and I spend the rest of the year dieting and exercising to lose those pesky pounds. Some people tell me that's no big deal -- only 10 pounds! But, then I started calculating  that if I gained 10 pounds every year and didn't lose it, I would weigh 230 pounds after 10 trips to Mexico! After 20 trips to Mexico, I would weigh 330 pounds and not be able to fit through the motorhome door! Something had to change!
     I don't plan to give up eating these wonderful foods in Mexico, so here is the solution I have come up with:
     1. When Jon and I go out to eat in a restaurant, we order one meal and share it! Then we can order one dessert to share sometimes.
     2. Eat more fruit and very few pastries or bread for breakfast.
     3. Take a scale with us to Mexico and weigh ourselves every day! If we gain weight, we eliminate the appetizer and dessert until we lose it.
     4. Get exercise every day! We walk and ride bikes, play Frisbee and paddle ball, and we boogie-board in the ocean.
     5. Go to Zumba class two times per week! Zumba burns 600 to 1000 calories in one hour!  That means I can have half of a flan a few times each week.

     Did this plan work on our 6 month long trip to Mexico this year? Well, I only gained 5 pounds this year, not 10! So next year I will go to Zumba class three times per week! My love of food led me to my discovery of Zumba. I can still enjoy the delicious food in Mexico and enjoy the weight-control benefit of Zumba!
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