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     Life is so busy that frequently I find myself saying, “I’m too busy to go to Zumba class. I don’t have time!” Regardless of whether we are living in Mazatlan, MX or Ashland, Oregon, the day easily fills up with work and chores. Though our life in Mexico is simpler,  a day can still be full of chores . As I sit down to write a description of my typical day, I think that it is pretty mundane and who would want to read about it? I am sure that many people would say that their days are full of chores and drudgery also, no matter where they live. They probably feel the same way I do: "No wonder I don't have time to go to Zumba!"     
                                                                          I decided that I needed to 
analyze what my typical day is like so that I could figure out how I get caught up 
in the mundane routine of daily living and seldom get around to exercising and doing fun activities. Instead of reading about my boring day, you might try writing your own list of typical daily activities and see if it makes you a little frustrated. Here is my typical day with Jon: We start the morning by catching up on e-mail while drinking a cup of coffee, eat a light breakfast, wash dishes, do a little housework (clean the bathroom, vacuum, dust the furniture, etc), and get a load of laundry together to be washed. Then we need to shop for groceries, go home and put them away, prepare and eat lunch and do the dishes again. It's time to walk Bella, our dachshund, giving her enough time to dig sand-crabs or chase ground squirrels. We finally take time to do some work (for me that is writing a blog article or a chapter in my book), then we need to pay bills, go to the bank, etc.-- and we can`t forget to refill the hummingbird feeder or the bossy little birds won't give us a moment of peace while we are trying to enjoy a glass of wine at "Wine:30" and throwing the ball for Bella. 
     By then, I am too lazy to cook dinner, so I tell Jon that I would like to go out to a restaurant and he agrees, of course. If we're in Mazatlan and it's a weekend, we might decide that dinner and listening to music at "Pedro Y Lola's" will be a perfect way to spend the evening. After dinner, we take a taxi home to our motorhome, and it is time to watch a movie or read a book. Then, I feel a bit frustrated because another day has gone by and I didn't go to Zumba class or to the fitness center. We didn't go to the beach to boogie-board. We didn't play tennis or paddle ball. How does the day fill up with so much busy-work and leave so little time for exercise? How will I ever get to Zumba class?
     The solution is to schedule it! I put Zumba class on my calendar twice weekly and work everything else around it. If Zumba class is in Sayulita at 9:00 A.M., then I have time for e-mail and coffee, a light breakfast, then I get a load of laundry
Jon at Produce Truck in Sayulita
together. I start walking about 8:30 to get to 9:00 Zumba class at the Cultural Center. On the way, I drop my load of laundry off at the Lavandaria to be washed, dried, and folded (I really like this part of living in Mexico). After an invigorating hour of Zumba with the Instructor, Geno, I walk the half mile back to our motorhome. I stop at the Carniceria (meat market) and pick up a nice cut of beef to barbecue for dinner. When I get home to the Sayulita Trailer Park, the "Produce Truck" is there and Jon is buying fresh fruit and vegetables for the next few days. We`ll need to stop at the ATM to replenish our cash funds when we walk to the Lavandaria at 5:00 to pick up our clean laundry. We'll take Bella with us when we head toward town, so she'll be happy that she is getting her walk. We wear our pedometers all day, so when we finally sit down for "Wine:30", we are amazed at how many steps we have walked. We are happy about all of the exercise we got during the day. And getting our daily chores done wasn't so mundane! Scheduling
Zumba with Geno in Sayulita
Zumba class and other exercise make us feel so good at the end of the day.
We schedule Zumba one day. We schedule boogie-boarding or a game of Frisbee on the beach the next day. And we can`t forget to allow enough time for Bella to dig for sand-crabs!

     For more information on Zumba with Geno in Sayulita, see my blog article "ZUMBA WITH GENOVEVA IN SAYULITA" dated 12/27/13.
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