Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#7 Reason (Excuse): IT’S TOO HOT TO ZUMBA!




     On a hot day, whether in Mexico or at home in Ashland, OR, it's very tempting to say "Forget going to Zumba class! (or golf, tennis, volleyball, soccer...) -- let's go to the beach!" Sometimes I would say to Jon, "Lets do some Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)" instead of Zumba. Some hot days in Mexico, Jon would say, "Let's go boogie boarding--the waves are great!". The ocean water temperature in Mexico in the winter is perfect for swimming and for other water sports. It was easy to skip Zumba class and go straight to the beach.
       A better idea was to to Zumba in the morning and Paddleboard in the afternoon! Jon and I would plan our day so we could do both Zumba (or golf, tennis, paddle ball, frisbee, etc.) in the morning and play in the water to cool off in the afternoon. I loved the morning Zumba classes in the cool, refreshing air in the park. Evenings were fine for Zumba, too. I just learned to slow my pace if it was hot, or go to class at an air conditioned fitness center. Taking frequent breaks for a sip of water is very important, even in the middle of a song, if you need to cool down. We Gringos aren't as acclimated to the heat as the Mexican National's are. We can still Zumba when it's hot -- we just take it slower and drink plenty of water!

     At the end of the day on the Pacific coast of Mexico, we watched the sun set over the ocean while we enjoyed a glass of wine or a cold margarita. We were always glad that we had done some physical activity in the morning while it was cool, whether it was Zumba, Frisbee, or a good, long walk to town to buy groceries. Playing in the ocean afterward, usually boogie-boarding, or just a dip in the water to cool off, was always our reward for a morning of aerobic exercise. The key to allowing enough time for exercise is to plan it. Zumba first, chores later! Even while living in Mexico, we scheduled our day so we would Zumba in the cool morning, finish our chores during the heat of mid-day, and then play in the ocean in the hot afternoon. Sunset was always our favorite time of day on the pacific coast of Mexico. We would marvel at what a beautiful place Mexico is, and talk about our plans to live there 6 months every year!
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