Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Learning Zumba in Sayulita

Maybe I Look Silly Doing Zumba.... 

Who Cares!

     How many times, when I first watched the Zumba class, did I think “I’ll look silly if I join in”? How many times have I wondered if I look ridiculous trying to imitate the beautiful, graceful moves of the Latin people when they dance? How many times do people, especially men, say that they are too clumsy to learn the Salsa moves or the other Zumba dance steps?
Ok, when I see photos like the one above of myself learning to follow a new Zumba Instructor, I think “Wow! I look pretty silly in that photo! What must people think of me?”

Learning Zumba in San Pancho
     The first thing I had to learn is to say “Who Cares?”. I learned to think “I don’t care what anyone thinks about how I look. It feels good when I do Zumba and that is what matters!” This applies to any time I find myself on the opposite foot as the teacher. It applies to any time I’m too tired to raise my arms as high as the Instructor’s or to kick my legs as high as everyone else. It really applies when I start beating myself up because my hips don’t sway or my shoulders don’t shake like the Latinos’ do. What matters is to keep moving and have fun!


     The next thing I learned is that I don’t need to worry about what I look like because most people don’t watch each other while they are doing Zumba. Everyone in class is so focused on the Zumba Instructor and concentrating on imitating his or her moves that they hardly notice the others around them doing the same thing. When there is a break between songs and each person grabs their water bottle for a quenching sip, people exchange quick smiles. But, then the next song starts, and everyone is back in their own Zumba world, completely focused on the next routine based on dance, whether Salsa, Cumbia, Mambo, or another Latin dance.

Zumba with Penny in Mazatlan
      There were times when people walked or drove by the Zumba class, became curious and stopped to watch. Sometimes the garbage truck was parked by the basketball court where class was being held, and it seemed that the garbage men were spending more time watching the ladies than picking up trash. In one town, the Zumba studio doors opened onto the sidewalk of a busy street and the families out for an evening stroll would stop and watch the action for a few minutes. I felt a little awkward.
     I would remind myself of my first conviction,
Penny Teaching Zumba
taught by Penny in her Mazatlan Zumba Gold class, “
Who caresIt doesn't matter what anyone thinks”. All that matters is to keep moving to the music and have fun!
     For more information on Penny's Zumba Gold class in Mazatlan see my blog article "Zumba with Penny in Mazatlan, Mexico" dated December 6, 2013.

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