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Lounging by the Pool in Paamul, Quintana Roo, Mexico
     It sure was difficult to leave a relaxing poolside setting like this one in Paamul in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, make ourselves change into exercise clothing and shoes, and head to the nearest Zumba class or gym to work out. That seemed like way too much work! We were having so much fun lounging by the pool, reading our books, and waving to the waiter when we needed a Margarita and an order of chips and guacamole! On those days, Jon would say to me, " I don't feel like exercising". Maybe manana...


We Don't Want to Exercise!
     I frequently hear people say “I hate to exercise!” I can relate to this feeling when it comes to certain kinds of exercise. I hate to jog, I hate to attend Spinning Classes, and I hate to go to certain Aerobics classes where the routine is monotonous or too strenuous. But, I love to go to Zumba classes! Zumba is so much fun that I forget that I am exercising!
     I believe that even if you hate to exercise, you will love Zumba. You may have to start slowly. You may have to attend a Zumba Gold class first to learn the steps. You may feel a little awkward at first. But, if you keep going for at least 3 classes, you will find that soon you are getting the hang of it, and feeling the enjoyment. You may still hate to exercise, but you too may love Zumba!

Terry Lounging on the Beach
     I found that the longer I lived in the warm climate of Mexico, the lazier I became. After four  months of traveling down the coast, living for a week or two in select towns and cities along the way, I was getting lazy about finding Zumba classes to attend. By the time we arrived in the Riviera Maya on the Yucatan peninsula, I could come up with a new excuse every day not to go to Zumba class

Jon and Bella in Paamul
     It was so enjoyable to lounge by the pool or on the beach in Paamul, reading a book and enjoying the warmth of the day that Jon and I could easily convince ourselves that we hated the idea of getting up to exercise. It appeared that we weren't the only ones who hated the idea of exercising, as many people only managed to move from their lounge chair to the pool to cool off, and then back to their chair to rest. Some of these people were on vacation for a week or two, so they probably rationalized that they were here to relax. But many of us lived here, whether for a few weeks or 6 months of the year, and we just let ourselves get lazy. It’s so easy in this warm climate to become content with a daily routine of completing our chores of laundry, shopping for groceries, cooking, cleaning, banking, bill paying, and whatever else we do when we live in Mexico, then settle in to read a good book , to surf the internet, or to watch a little television. Who wants to exercise?

    I found that I just needed to add Zumba Class to my list of fun things to do for the day.  Once I arrived at the class and the Latin music started, I began to feel happy immediately, glad that I had dragged myself away from my chores, the pool and my book. When the Instructor began the warm-up routine, gently loosening muscles to the beat of the music, I felt my feet respond, beginning to follow along with the leader’s steps. Soon, my arms were imitating the movements of the Instructor’s. Next thing I knew, I noticed when I looked at myself in the mirror at the front of the exercise studio that I had a smile on my face! It was exhilarating! Maybe I hate to exercise, but I love to do Zumba!
     When the tempo of the music slowed, the Instructor began taking us into the cool down phase of Zumba, with gentle stretching and graceful movements. I felt myself begin to calm and my heart rate slow. I realized that Zumba was great exercise, but that during the class, I was enjoying it so much that I had forgotten that I was exercising. I checked my “Fitbit” pedometer and realized that I had taken about 7000 steps in a one hour class and burned about 500 calories. Zumba was so much fun, that I had forgotten that I was getting a good workout!
Zumba with Margarita in Playa del Carmen
     You may hate to exercise as much as I do, but I think you will love to Zumba. Just give it a try. Go to at least three classes to learn the steps and then notice that you are starting to enjoy it. The more you attend Zumba classes, the more you will like it. Soon, you will notice that while you were doing Zumba, your body had become stronger, leaner, and more toned. While you were doing Zumba, you forgot that you were exercising!
     For more information on Zumba classes that you will love near Paamul in the Yucatan Peninsula, see my blog article about "Zumba with Margarita in Playa del Carmen" dated 3/25/14.

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