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     While traveling in Mexico for the past 6 months, I have heard many reasons not to go to Zumba classes. I talk to people I meet about how much fun I have attending Zumba classes in Mexico. I invite them to read my blog about these Zumba classes. I also explain that I am writing a book about "Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico".
     The first reaction I usually get from people when I talk about going to Zumba class is an expression that indicates that they think I am a bit too enthusiastic, maybe a tiny bit obsessive about the topic, and then sometimes an expression of fear that I might try to recruit them to attend Zumba class. Often times, the next reaction that quickly follows is that they say " I can't Zumba, because..." and they give me one of the reasons below to back up their belief that they can't go to Zumba class. They are probably thinking, "best to nip the idea in the bud" before I mention it, right?
     In the past 6 months, while living and traveling in Mexico, I have heard every reason imaginable not to go to Zumba class. Back in the United States, I hear the same reasons. I've even used some of these reasons myself at times when I am feeling too lazy to get up out of my chair and change into my Zumba clothes and shoes. I list these reasons here so we can chuckle at them and call them what they really are -- excuses. To these excuses I say, "Anyone can do Zumba. Just do it in a way that feels right for you". Zumba is about moving your body to the music and having fun! Just keep moving and don't worry about anything!

   1. I Can't Dance!
   2. I Hate to Exercise!
   3. I'll Look Silly...Ridiculous...Clumsy Out There!
   4. I'm Too Old to Zumba!
   5. I Have a Medical Condition!
   6. Men Don't Zumba!
   7. It's Too Hot to Zumba!
   8. I Don't Have Time to go to Zumba! (The excuse I use most often)
   9. I Have to Concentrate Too Hard to do Zumba!
                                   10. I Don't Have a Way to Get to the Zumba Class!
     For every time I have heard one of these Excuses, I have seen at least three people who could have used one of these reasons, but found a way to get out there and Zumba and enjoy it! I have come to believe that anyone can do Zumba and experience the health benefits. The key is to do it in a way that feels right for you. Zumba is about moving your body to the music and having fun! Just keep moving at your own pace and don't worry about anything! 
     All of these people in the photos overcame their fears, their excuses, and began to Zumba, and loved it! You can too! Try Zumba class 3 times and you will start to feel comfortable. Go to Zumba class 7 times and you will probably be hooked!

      Read more of this blog to find out how. Read my upcoming book "HEALTHY LIVING AND TRAVELING IN MEXICO: A Search for a Simpler Life South of the Border" for more information. And, if you have questions or comments about Zumba or living in Mexico, e-mail me at . HAVE FUN WITH ZUMBA!

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