Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Daniela's Zumba Class in Jocotepec was Excellent! 

   Daniela was a very good Zumba Instructor, easy to follow with her timely cues that a change in dance step was coming.  Daniela's Zumba studio was very nice, one of the few I have seen in Mexico that had a smooth hardwood floor. After doing Zumba on many concrete floors, I really appreciated the hardwood floor which made it easy to twist, turn, and slide into each dance step. I also liked her raised stage so that I could see her footwork from the back of the classroom. After a few more classes with Daniela, and when I adjust to the 5000 foot altitude, I will be able to keep up with her lively dances!
     This is my first attempt at including a video of Zumba in my blog, so please excuse the beginner's quality. When I watch it, it brings back my memories of the fun I had dancing with Daniela! 
     Zumba Fitness is my favorite way to exercise! Zumba is so much fun that I forget that I am exercising. I love everything about Zumba: the Latin music, the graceful dance steps, the friendly people, the Instructor inspiring me to keep moving, the happy feeling I get during the class, and the joy that continues even after the music stops.... 
     Beto Perez, the founder of Zumba, says "Zumba classes are all about joy and fun!" After my "Zumba Mexico" trip, and attending many different styles of classes, I believe that this is true. I experienced the joy and the fun in every class I attended. The many wonderful Zumba Instructors provided the atmosphere and leadership to help me achieve joy and fitness.
     Daniela Ibarra Garavito is a certified Zumba Instructor (ZIN). I located her class through the Class Finder and sent her a message. She replied quickly, giving me the place and time of her classes. Daniela is a friendly, energetic, and skilled Zumba Instructor. She is also a Specialist in Orthodontics, having graduated in Dentistry in 2010, and works for the Youth in Jocotepec Government. She is an inspiration to me, and to many others!

     Daniela's Zumba Studio is on Degollado Street #30 in Jocotepec (on the shore of Lake Chapala), behind the local market in the center of town. Classes are at 9:00 AM Monday through Friday and 7:30 PM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The cost is 20 pesos (about $1.55 U.S.) per class. Great fun! Great exercise!
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