Monday, March 10, 2014

Pyramid Climbing and Zumba Classes in Cholula, Puebla, MX

Cholula, Puebla, MX

     We were in Cholula for 5 days and never did get to go to a Zumba class! We were so busy exploring this Pueblos Mágico, a town with beauty, historical relevance, and an amazing archaeological zone. We climbed The Great Pyramid, the largest in the western hemisphere. My "Fitbit" pedometer told me that we climbed the equivalent of 20 stories to get to the level where this beautiful Catholic church was built!
     It was very challenging to learn the streets and address system of Cholula. We walked for miles and we drove for hours using our Garmin Mexico GPS and our Google Maps and still could not find the addresses of the Zumba classes in the area. Even the taxi drivers we hired did not seem to know how to find the places we asked them to take us. I gathered information about 3 classes in the area so that next time I go to Cholula I will be able to attend at least one Zumba class. I hope this helps others find Zumba in Cholula, too!

Zumba with Patricia Alborez in Puebla, Puebla: Patricia has been a Licensed Zumba Instructor (ZIN) since 2009. She teaches classes on Monday at 9:30 AM and Wednesday at 8:00 AM at "A Bailar" , located at Lomas de Angelopolis Seccion 1, Plaza Sonata in Puebla, about 4 miles from San Pedro Cholula San according to  The cost of the class is 50.00 pesos. I contacted Patricia through Class Finder and she replied promptly. You can verify her current class schedule by contacting her through

Zumba in Cholula on 5 de Mayo Street: We were driving to the Pemex gas station on Forjadores de Puebla, traveling south, missed our turn and were going around the block when we saw this Zumba Fitness poster hanging on a wall! It was our last evening in Cholula and we were packing to leave, so I wasn't able to attend class, but this is how we will find it again: Traveling south on Forjadores de Puebla, take a right turn on 12 Oriente, 4 blocks then right turn onto Avenida 5 de Mayo. It was on the right side near the corner of 12 Oriente and appears to be the address of Avenida 5 de Mayo #1202. According to the poster, Zumba classes are Monday through Saturday at 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM. Call the cell phone number to verify information: 2223505304.

Zumba with Erika Rojas in San Andres Cholula: Erika has been a Licensed Zumba Instructor (ZIN) since 2012. I tried to contact her several times through the Class Finder and through her facebook page.  The location of her class, according to is INSPECTORIA OFICIAL COL. CONCEPCION GPE, Av. Revolucion S/N Plaza Principal, San Andres Cholula, PUE 72450, MX. Our Mexico GPS and Google Maps could not find this location. I did not receive a response from Erika. Does anyone know if she is still teaching Zumba? Can anyone give me directions to the address of this class?

Zumba at VF Gym: I was very hopeful that I could attend the Zumba class at the VF Gym, only 3 blocks from the Las Americas Trailer Park where were staying in Cholula. When I went into the lobby, I was impressed with how professional this gym was. However, I could not attend only one Zumba class. I would have had to purchase a package membership to attend any class. They offer many options for exercise classes and had a wonderful work out room.
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