Saturday, January 25, 2014


Terry and Michelle-Zumba with XBox


     Michelle, my daughter, is very pregnant--10 days past her due date! I flew to Oregon from Puerto Vallarta for the birth of my Granddaughter. I've been here almost two weeks, spending time with Michelle and her husband, Chris. We've walked miles every day and the baby is still not ready to be born. So, how about a little gentle Zumba? Michelle knows how much I love Zumba, so she had the Zumba Fitness game ready on her X-Box. We did a little competitive Zumba with the animated instructor on the television. Great fun!
     Zumba is dancing, so even a woman who is 9 1/2 months pregnant can do gentle Zumba. Just avoid the jumping steps and "join the party"! Gentle exercise is beneficial while pregnant.
     Michelle did great! She got the footwork and the turns to the Reggaeton version of the game quicker than I did. Baby girl is going to be born knowing how to dance!
     Our animated "Instructor" in the X-Box Zumba game made this fun, for "Living Room Zumba". The game could "see" both of us while we danced and rated us on our technique. We were scored at the end of the game, and I beat Michelle, but only by a few points! I think I need to get back to Mexico and attend some real Zumba classes. Two weeks away from Puerto Vallarta and I'm out of shape!
     I don't know if the Zumba exercise today will stimulate the birth of my Granddaughter. But, Michelle and I sure had fun!

Great Zumba Dancing, Michelle!