Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Zumba with Juan at the Wellness Center Gym in Mazatlan

Juan teaches very energetic and fun Zumba classes at the Wellness Center Gym in the Zona Dorada (Golden Zone) of Mazatlan. He moves so quickly when he's dancing that it was difficult to get a photo of him that wasn't blurry. So, I asked him to pose with two of his pretty and talented students after class. These ladies could really dance!

The morning Zumba class at the Wellness Center Gym starts at 8:00AM.  I wasn't sure I could drag myself there and actually work out that early in the morning, but I made it. I was relieved to see that about half of the people in class were from North America, so I didn't feel awkward at all. When the Latin music started and we began the warm-up, I was so glad that I was there. The sound of the lively music, the feeling of moving to the rhythm of the music, the sight of the others in class enjoying the dance, all made me feel happy. I noticed that I was smiling without a conscious effort. I watched the other people in class smiling, laughing, clapping and having a great time. I could see why Zumba is so addictive. It makes you FEEL GOOD!
I admire the Mexican people for their seemingly natural ability to feel the music and move beautifully to it's rhythm. As a Gringo (North American), I will never be able to duplicate the way they move their hips, shake their shoulders, and perform the Salsa dance so gracefully. But, I can continue to watch and practice, and I will improve with every class I attend. I can see that they truly love to dance. Their joy is contagious. I love to Zumba!

WELLNESS CENTER GYM, 50 pesos for 1 class or 500 pesos for 1 month
PLAYA GAVIOTAS # 556 L-1 ZONA DORADA, Across the street from Dairy Queen Zona Dorada, Next to the Dugout Sports Bar Cafe, Mazatlan SIN  044 66 91 59 16 86