Saturday, December 21, 2013

Zumba with Josh at the Primary School in La Penita de Jaltembe, Mexico

Zumba with Josh in La Penita
Evening isn't usually my first choice as a time for going to Zumba class, but this evening class is worth going to! It is held outside on the playground at the Primary School in La Penita de Jaltembe at 5:30PM, Monday through Friday.  Josh, the teacher, makes this class so much fun that I forgot that this is the time when I am usually watching the sun go down with a glass of wine in my hand. There were about 20 people at this lively Zumba class, mostly Mexican Nationals. Jon and I weren't the only Gringos trying to shake our hips like the Latinos do. Joy, a Canadian we met here in La Penita, goes to this class every day! I wish I was that dedicated! My goal is to go to Zumba class three days each week so I feel like I've earned my chips and guacamole. Joy is a great role model!
When I first heard about Josh's class, I wasn't sure I could make myself go to Zumba after the sun had set. But after Jon and I dragged ourselves to this class, we were glad we had! The cooler evening air made us feel a little more energetic. Besides, if we wanted to hide the fact that we couldn't shake our hips and shoulders like the Mexicans can, we would just move into the shadows in the back and hide while we practiced. No one cared...everyone was so focused on their own dance moves and following Josh. We felt very welcome at Josh's class and would love to go again!
It was difficult to take good photos of the class in the dark without flash, but a flash photo seemed too intrusive. So after class, I asked Josh if I could get his photo with some of his students and many were happy to be included. Jon and I said "Say Queso!" They all said "Cheese!" What a fun group! 
The Primary School in La Penita de Jaltembe is on the north side of "Estero" Chico, across from the pedestrian bridge. The cost of one class is 15 pesos (about $1.20 US).