Friday, December 27, 2013


Zumba Class with Genoveva in Sayulita, Mexico was so much fun! The women in class were mostly locals and a few Gringas, skillfully dancing Salsa and Cumbia to the lively Mexican music. This felt like a truly Latin dance experience. Many of the steps were taken from Mexican and Spanish folk dances. I could imagine myself holding the hem of a long skirt, swishing it and twirling to the lively Latin music, along with the 20 or so other women and young girls in the room. What a great exercise experience!
Most of the women in class did not speak much English and I don't speak much Spanish. But, we managed to communicate enough with each other, smiling and gesturing, using simple phrases. Zumba was the common language that we all understood. Zumba is something we all love and can enjoy together. Genoveva made me feel very welcome, introducing me to the other chicas (girls) in the group. I understood a few words such as bienvenido (welcome) and hola (hello), and of course, their friendly smiles. I also appreciated that they told me that mañana (Saturday) at 4:00 PM en la Playa (on the beach) in front of Don Pedro's restaurant they would have a Zumba Fiesta (party) and wanted me to come.

Genoveva Venegas Benitez is a Licensed Zumba Instructor. She teaches Zumba at La Casa de La Cultura (The Culture House), Monday through Friday at 8:30 AM.   The cost is 20 pesos (about $1.60 US) per class. La Casa de La Cultura is near the main Plaza (square). As Genoveva told me in her e-mail, ask the locals how to get there--everyone knows where it is! I'm beginning to understand the Mexican method of giving directions!
Contact Genoveva through the Class Finder on or call her at 322 1804591.