Friday, December 13, 2013

Zumba Christmas Party at Stardance Studio in Mazatlan

Stardance Studio in Mazatlan is having a Zumba Christmas Party tonight, Friday December 13. It is a super class where 5 Instructors will dance to the rhythm of Zumba!  Some of the best Zumba experts of Mazatlan will be performing from 8 PM:
  Armando Sarabia
  VicKtor Ibarra Ruiz
  Ringo Mebarak Khaliq
  Irving Partida Vldz
  Martin Antonio Osorio MONTAÑO

These Zumba Instructors will perform for about 3 hours  and then they will continue the party! There will be snacks and hydrating drinks. Also there will be Tequila! * You can bring your own drinks or snacks (it is Christmas season, anything goes).
Entry fee: 120 Pesos. Armando says "You won't regret it!
We attended Armando's Zumba class yesterday at Stardance Studio, and I was very impressed with his skill and his ability to teach dance. Expect a great performance from 5 great Zumba Instructors!  You can view the Stardance Studio Facebook page at: