Thursday, December 5, 2013

San Carlos, Mexico Zumba Classes

Jon and I had quite an adventure finding the Zumba classes in San Carlos, Mexico.  We started by using the Zumba Fitness website and searched the "Class Finder" for San Carlos.  Maria de Lourdes Caballero Pavlovich (she goes by Lula) is the Zumba Licensed Instructor (ZIN) in San Carlos listed on the Zumba Fitness website. I found out the hard way that the information on their website for the address and times of her classes is not correct.  I wanted to go to her class on November 25th.  So the day before, Jon and I spent hours driving around San Carlos with the Google Map information from the website in hand,  trying to find the location of Lula's Zumba class, based on the information from the Zumba Fitness website.  We stopped to ask many locals for directions, got lost a few times, and got a very nice tour of this pretty resort town.  In the process of searching for Lula's class, we stumbled onto another Zumba class at the Athletic Club of San Carlos, a very nice air-conditioned gym.  Unfortunately, we had missed the morning class that day.   I finally e-mailed Lula and she answered me promptly with the correct information.  Lula’s classes would begin unit December 2 for the 2013-2014 tourist season.  We were leaving San Carlos Nov. 26, so I would miss her class, too.  

The lessons I learned that day were:
1. E-mail the Zumba instructor or the gym well ahead of time to verify dates, times, and location of the classes you want to attend.  Many of the Zumba Fitness Instructors can be contacted through their website.
2. Take a GPS with good Mexico map software on it as well as a map of the area for back-up help.
3. Many of the locals don't read maps well, so asking for help with a map or address is often useless.
4. The Google Map on the Zumba Fitness website is often not accurate for the location of the class.  It basically shows the correct town, but the actual address should be confirmed with the Instructor.

   1. MARINA TERRA HOTEL:  Lula is the Licensed Zumba Instructor giving classes at Marina Terra Hotel on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:15 to 10:15AM.  The classes are on the upstairs terrace.  The cost is 30 pesos (about $2.50 U.S.) per person or 50 pesos (about $4.00 U.S.) for a couple, such as a husband and wife or mother and daughter.  This is an upscale hotel located on the Embarcadero, overlooking the Marina.  As you drive through town on the main road, there will be signs directing you to this hotel.  You can e-mail Lula to confirm class information at
  2. ATHLETIC CLUB OF SAN CARLOSZumba classes are being taught by Manny Fit on Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 9:30 A.M.  As with all things in Mexico, things change, so check at the desk or e-mail them for the current agenda.  The first class is complimentary, then fees may be paid each class or by a monthly rate.
To find the Athletic Club, as you are coming into town from the Mex 15 highway, turn right at the first Extra mini-market.  The gym is about two blocks down, on the left.  The address is Avenida 3 #110 at the corner of Calle IV.  Contact them at to verify the current schedule.

RUBY WINE BAR:  Exhausted from searching for Zumba classes in town and disappointed that we had not yet attended a single class, we went in search of refreshments on the Embarcadero near the Marina Terra Hotel.  Ruby Wine Bar was just the place to end the day with a delicious salad, pizza and glasses of wine from Italy.  The view of the yachts in the Marina and the mountains in the background was perfect as we sat outside at the sidewalk table enjoying our dinner.