Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Free Zumba at El Bosque Park in Mazatlan

FREE ZUMBA AT EL BOSQUE (The Forest Park)!  This exciting project was started in April 2013, organized by three people--Penny Fuller, the instructor from Seattle, Paul Sullivan who funds it and believes in its importance, and Lilzy Guzman,  the invaluable translator. Lilzy is now a certified Zumba Instructor and will take over teaching one day per week in January.   The instructor that was teaching the day we were there is Javier Zazueta Lee.  He was very energetic and had a large class of at least 50 people that day.  The class is held on the basketball court near the Aquarium, a new court with a very nice surface.  The class was so large that Javier used a whistle to signal the class when he was starting a new Zumba step.  That was the first time I had seen this technique, and it was very effective for this outdoors setting and large class.  

What a great concept--getting Zumba out to the community that needs it and wants it but can't afford to go to a gym to work out.  And do they even WANT to go to a gym? They are really here having a great time dancing to the music, and getting exercise while they party!  This group consisted of young and middle age Mexican National women, gringo men and women, a Mexican business man in his office business attire,
and a young man in a wheel chair.  When I watched the man in the wheel chair rockin' and rollin' to the rhythm of the music, using his feet and his one functioning hand to roll forward, back, and twirl his chair around, I was reminded of my belief that ANYONE can Zumba!  

Thank you to Penny Fuller, Paul Sullivan, Lilzy Guzman, and the city of Mazatlan for bringing Zumba to this community.  This is a great example of healthy living in Mexico!