Tuesday, August 20, 2013

ZUMBA MEXICO! Began in San Pancho, Mexico

"ZUMBA MEXICO! Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico", the book began in San Pancho, Mexico where I discovered this exciting form of fitness inspired by Latin music and dance moves.  I was living in a condo in San Pancho with my husband, Jon, in the Winter of 2012-2013.  The first time I heard the lively Latin music playing at 9:00 in the morning, I looked out the window of our condo to see a large group of women, both Mexicans and gringos, exercising in the park across the street, led by two women instructors.  Around the perimeter of the group, and intermingled, were dogs, children and strollers. The women and some of the children were doing a combination aerobics style exercise and Latin dances, and the dogs were nonchalantly trying to avoid getting kicked by flying feet.  The amazing thing was, the people were smiling, and looked like they were having fun!  The next day, when the music started, I was out there joining them.

At first, I felt clumsy trying to mimic the teacher's steps, but by the end of the hour long class, I found myself smiling and feeling great!  I loved it so much, that I attended the class two or three times each week during the 3 months that we lived in San Pancho.  I'm sure it helped burn off the calories that I consumed at Happy Hour each day, when we settled on the beach for sunset, with a Margarita, guacamole and tortilla chips. But, the best part was that the Zumba itself gave me such a good feeling that I found it was addictive.  I couldn't wait for the next time that I could attend class.

I found out from talking to several of the Canadian ladies in Zumba class that the Mexican government pays the instructors to hold these classes in towns and cities all over Mexico and that the classes are free to anyone who wants to attend.  The purpose is to address the increasing incidence of Diabetes and Obesity in Mexico.  The women are encouraged to bring their children to class to set a good example and encourage exercise beginning at a young age.  What a wonderful idea!

I decided that I wanted to publicize this great idea of free Zumba classes, and what better way than to write a book.  I would travel to my favorite areas of Mexico, the coastal towns, and attend Zumba classes in each one.  I have found that some classes are free, some are given by certified Zumba Fitness Instructors and require a small fee, but all are fun and healthy. Mexico is a natural fit for Zumba with it's Latin atmosphere. Mexico is such a healthy place to live, for so many reasons that I will write about.  So, "ZUMBA MEXICO! Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico", the book began.